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Summer trends 2024: what traveler are you?

It’s time to choose your summer destination with us The summer season is the ideal time to explore the cultural elements of prestigious cities such as Mexico City and Madrid. From the colorful streets of Mexico adorned with intricate murals to the plazas of Madrid bursting with life, these cities are enigmatic magnets for culture […]

The spirit of spring

TEH – perfect travel partner The fascinating essence of spring, bringing small fragments of fleeting moments, soaked in a subtle renewal. Life is filled with quiet walks through newly blooming parks under the embrace of the sun. The earth is soaked in the fragrance of flowers. Every year we surrender to the dazzling charm of […]

Art as a space transforming actor

The Everywhere Home, provide homes that inspire When it comes to architecture and interior design, art with its power to transform environments becomes an important focal point. Art is more than the visuals is what you feel and imagine. Whether it’s a famous painting hanging on a wall or a carefully curated sculpture in a […]

5 Reasons to choose TEH as your luxury accommodation option

A unique experience in Mexico City or Madrid. We are more than a rental property, we are a unique experience that allows you to live like a local in the most vibrant, exciting, and culturally rich cities in the world: Mexico City and Madrid. Here are five reasons why you should consider TEH for your […]

Have a stress-free Holiday with TEH

Diversity and Comfort Tailored to You The 2023 holiday season is beginning, and we believe you deserve more than average, this is why at TEH we are prepared to offer you unique and personalized experiences.  We understand that every traveler is unique, which is why we offer a diverse spectrum of housing options. From lively […]

Discovering Valle de Bravo a Perfect Retreat Near Mexico City

Plan your perfect short escape to Paradise with The Everywhere Home Just a few hours from Mexico City, we find Valle de Bravo. This small town is an ideal destination for those looking for an escape from the city and everyday life. Valle de Bravo has impressive landscapes and a beautiful historic center, it is […]

5 must-know about Día de Muertos

Experience Día de Muertos in Mexico City where hosting is personal. Every year, on the first weekend of November, many Mexican families create an altar at home in honor of their deceased loved ones. People make offerings and decorate the tombs with images of saints, candles, marigold flowers, incense, copal, the favorite dishes of the […]

Embracing the extraordinary

The Euphoria of a TEH Concierge Embracing the quiet embers of an enchanting evening, where the stars dance in celestial joy and the moon whispers secrets to the ocean, is flawless to enjoy a wonderfully serene vacation. Being far from home is the perfect chance to relax and get away from boring daily routines – […]

Madrid Wineries’ Magical Escape

Experience Madrid at its best where hosting is personal. Madrid’s busy streets and lifestyle offer a unique experience to your senses. Its thriving energy hides tradition and history, and you can feel its charm at every step. The city has a long history with enology since the XV century, and there was a time around […]

The art of details: small things that make a difference

The beauty of simplicity: minimalism in design and architecture We believe and often say that beauty lies in the details. Within the intricacies of every brushstroke, the colors, the materials, and the careful placement of every element, lies the essence of creativity. Everything communicates and even these seemingly subtle aspects are responsible for the magic […]