Mexico City, a mix between ancient traditions and modern culture.

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During the last decade, Mexico has developed a remarkable growth in tourism, consolidating itself as a captivating destination that captures the attention of tourists from around the world. According to Forbes “The tourism-related economy in Mexico grew by 14.4% annually in 2022, driven in particular by consumption”, and it’s known that one of its most attractive destinations is its capital, which has become an important cultural, historical, and gastronomic exponent.

Mexico City presents a mix between ancient traditions and modern culture, offering a wide range of experiences that satisfy the diverse interests of visitors. From its awe-inspiring archaeological sites and iconic monuments to its eclectic neighborhoods and culinary delights, this city has something to fascinate every visitor.

Among the most popular areas to explore in Mexico City, we found Roma, Condesa, Juarez, Polanco, and Pedregal. The Everywhere Home has a curated selection of places for you if you want to explore any of the coolest neighborhoods in Mexico City, whether is Juarez, Polanco, or Roma. 

All these neighborhoods have earned special attention due to their aesthetic atmospheres, fancy shops, and splendid dining options. Roma and Condesa, in particular, have become synonymous with bohemian charm, featuring picturesque tree-lined streets, art galleries, and bustling outdoor cafes. Juarez and Polanco, on the other hand, are deluxe districts that cater to those seeking a sophisticated and cosmopolitan experience, blending elegance with vibrant urban energy by virtue of to its luxurious boutiques, restaurants, and chic bars.

Amid these popular neighborhoods, you can discover a prestigious area. Located in the southern part of the city, Pedregal is a prestigious residential area renowned for its wealth, art, and architectural significance, thanks to the captivating atmosphere that exudes elegance and serenity.

Exploring Pedregal, visitors find stunning architectural masterpieces, beautiful secret gardens, captivating sculptures, and vibrant murals that make the neighborhood an open-air museum. Architecture nerds can find many architectural gems, such as the home and work of the renowned architect Luis Barragán. But besides that, Pedregal also offers breathtaking views of the surrounding volcanic landscape for those who appreciate the harmonious fusion of nature and design that defines the area.

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