The art of details: small things that make a difference

The beauty of simplicity: minimalism in design and architecture

We believe and often say that beauty lies in the details. Within the intricacies of every brushstroke, the colors, the materials, and the careful placement of every element, lies the essence of creativity. Everything communicates and even these seemingly subtle aspects are responsible for the magic that lives in every space.

Inspiration is the spark that makes each design feel unique and alive. It is what moves us to create new and thrilling things. We usually have it by nature, previous experiences, culture, art, social media, or brainstorms. Inspiration is what makes us see the world with new eyes.

Creativity is key to transforming the world we live in. Inspiration is essential for design and is what makes every space unique and memorable. Here is where different styles appear, one of them is minimalism.

In architecture and interior design, minimalism means purity and essentiality, and simplicity becomes the guiding principle where each piece carries a purpose and fills a role. When minimalism makes itself present there’s no place for unadorned facades or exaggerated ornamentations.

When designing spaces we think about what are the details that make them stand out while being both simple and elegant. Because this is beyond design aesthetics; it permeates into a lifestyle that celebrates simplicity and extravagance while prioritizing experiences over materialism.

The ability to communicate feelings and produce serenity is what makes design important in every aspect of our lives and the essence of life itself. The way we think about the places we inhabit makes us different, and by seeking comfort in the art of less, we can find true refuge in the embrace of elegance.

Each of our homes is a celebration of the art of details. While staying in The Everywhere Home, we hope to inspire you, ignite your passion for aesthetics, boost your creativity and change the way you vacation. 

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