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Summer trends 2024: what traveler are you?

It’s time to choose your summer destination with us

The summer season is the ideal time to explore the cultural elements of prestigious cities such as Mexico City and Madrid. From the colorful streets of Mexico adorned with intricate murals to the plazas of Madrid bursting with life, these cities are enigmatic magnets for culture lovers.

Travelers are increasingly looking for places to live unusual experiences adapted to their desires. That is why TEH’s differential is the concierge service, where personalized attention transforms vacations into perfect getaways.

As the summer sun warms the corners of the world, it’s time to discover what kind of traveler you aspire to be this summer.

1. The Cultural Connoisseur: Madrid’s Hidden Beauty

Are you attracted to cities full of history, where every cobblestone has stories from ancient times? If so, Madrid invites you to be your first stop on a trip through Europe. Located in the heart of Spain, Madrid is the perfect starting point with its blend of old-world charm and modern appeal characteristic of Europe.

So, if you are a fan of other cultures, standing in front of the majestic presence of the Royal Palace and encountering the bohemian charm of Malasaña will change your life.

If you identify with this experience, pack your bags for a journey into the soul of Spain, travel through flamenco rhythms, and let Madrid enchant you this summer.

**We suggest trying the traditional treats of Spanish cuisine, such as tapas and churros dipped in rich chocolate.

2. The Adventurous Explorer: Embracing Mexico’s Magic

Looking for a summer getaway beyond the ordinary? Look no further than the grand buildings of Mexico, where every brick promises a story. Imagine walking through the lively streets of Mexico City, where past and modernity crash in a mixture of colors and flavors.

If you crave experiences that transcend the ordinary, in just four days you can traverse the iconic landmarks of Mexico City, discover its gastronomy, and then escape to the tranquil shores of one of Mexico’s most beloved lakes in Valle de Bravo.

So embrace your adventurous spirit, pack your sense of wonder, and let Mexico unveil its treasures this summer.

Think about the kind of traveler you aspire to be. Whether you like the cultural Madrid or the adventurous Mexico, let yourself on a journey of discovery. After all, the world is waiting to be explored, and the summer is the perfect time to embark on your next great adventure with The Everywhere Home.